How To Prevent Cockroach Infestation In Winter

26 Feb

How To Prevent Cockroach Infestation In Winter

Cockroach InfestationUndoubtedly, cockroaches are one of the most frustrating species worldwide. Though they don’t bite, they eat almost everything and carry the germs. They feast on waste, rotten food and feces which is why the cockroaches are so dirty and contain harmful disease or bacteria. Roaches cause health diseases like salmonella, gastroenteritis and cause an allergic reaction with humans as well.

Moreover, adult cockroaches have wings, and they can fly, but they don’t fly for an extended period or distances like insects. The pesky pests remain alive around the year and need your negligence to invade your home.

How Cockroaches Infest Your Home In Winter?

However, the cockroaches don’t like the cold even they are cold-blooded arthropods that can’t handle the extreme cold and hot temperature. When the temperature drops, cockroaches get hibernation that is also known as diapause. During this inactive state, the metabolic rate of cockroaches slows, and their growth stops. But, they enter your home to get a warmer environment. After getting the complete warmth, food and water, they like to enjoy their winter and continue reproducing — this way the risk of getting cockroaches infestation in winter is high.

Tips To Prevent Cockroaches In Winter

  • First of all, you should inspect and cover every area where the coaches are expected to appear. Seal the tiny cracks crevices, vents, gaps and other openings of your building interior and exterior. Keep your drain systems dry and covered so that cockroaches could not come from there.
  • Keep your kitchen clean and remove the unwanted food in the trashcans that should be covered with a lid and don’t leave the dirty dishes overnight. Remember to dispose of the dustbin far away from your building.
  • Make sure to keep the food in the airtight container or refrigerator and vacuum your upholstery, furniture and almost every corner of your home at least once in a week.

Remember cockroach control and management is necessary for your health and safety. If you find you home cockroaches infested, feel free to contact us at Thrifty Pest to get effective pest control services in Ontario.

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