What Causes Fleas In Summer?

31 May

What Causes Fleas In Summer?

FleasFleas are the problem that can occur throughout the year, but they become a more significant issue in summer as the humidity and warmth speed up the life-cycle of fleas. Another thing is an abundance in wildlife is another reason for the flea population. Where there your pets visit, the flea will drive there, be it is your carpet, upholstery furniture, lobby, bedroom and almost everywhere.

How To Detect The Fleas?

  • The main reason for fleas is your pets. So, first of all, use the comb to separate the fur of your pets for inspecting the fleas in their skin.
  • They are in black, brown and reddish color, less than 1/8 inch in length and six long legs.
  • If you find your pet is continuously scratching, then pay attention as it is one of the signs of having fleas.

How To Get Rid Of Fleas In Your Home?

  • Dirt is the main reason of having fleas, so you should keep everything clean from your home to your pets.
  • Hot water and soapy water are two methods to get rid of pesky fleas immediately.
  • Do vacuum cleaning regularly everywhere in or around your home and where there you pets wander.
  • Use of insecticides to treat the fleas outside of your home is also recommended, but this should be performed carefully.

Fleas Removal Experts

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