Rat & Mice Control & Removal Services in Ontario

Rat & Mice ControlThrifty Pest has been offering reliable and affordable rats and mice removal services for the past many years now. Our professionals are licensed and insured to deliver high quality solutions to both our residential and commercial clients. Rats and mice can wreak havoc on your property, so it is advisable to take professional help to get rid of them.

We are Ontario’s leading mice and rat control service, delivering effective solutions every time. With our latest techniques and products, we ensure that your property is safe and pest-free.

Common Signs of Rat and Mice Infestation

  • Capsule shaped droppings
  • Chewed food
  • Burrows in the garden
  • Rat carcasses
  • Crawling or scrambling noises from the attics
  • Weird marks on walls, wooden or plastic surfaces
  • Nests in garage, or utility box

Rat and Mice Control Tips

  • Make sure you always cover your garbage bins with tight-fitting lids
  • Keep your property clutter-free and organized to prevent any hiding spot for them
  • Prevent access to any food sources such pet food
  • Seal all the cracks and crevices properly
  • Cover the vents with heavy gauge wires

Reliable & Professional Rodent Extermination Services in Ontario

Rats and mice are in constant search for food. That’s why, they take up residence in our homes. However, just eliminating food sources won’t help you. You must hire professional rodent exterminators to get rid of them quickly. Our technicians will remove them safely and in a timely manner. You can trust us for complete rat and mouse removal and control in Ontario.

Why Choose Us?

There are various home remedies that can prevent rodent infestation. But, it’s unfortunate that these methods don’t give lasting solutions. If you want to prevent rodents permanently from your home or office, you must hire experienced and trained professionals. At Thrifty Pest, we are well-informed of a variety of effective solutions. We will trap, bait and apply chemical treatment to ban their entry completely. We will also guide you on how to prevent future invasion.

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