Wildlife Control & Removal in Ontario

Wildlife Control & Removal If you are dealing with a nuisance animal invasion in your property, Thrifty Pest is here for you. No matter, which wildlife creature has invaded your property, our team is expert at eliminating them all. Once the nuisance animals have been identified, we will safely capture and remove them.

When animals are removed from within your home, our technicians can identify the entry points and recommend the necessary exclusion & damage repair that should be done to prevent future nuisance animal conflicts.

What We Offer?

Wildlife removal experts in Ontario are available 24/7/365 to assist you in keeping the unwanted animals away from your property. We are committed to resolve the problem you are facing in a professional, humane and affordable way.

We are the leaders in critter control and removal, wildlife exclusions, trapping and proofing in the Ontario region. We provide:

  • Raccoon Control
  • Raccoon Removal
  • Squirrel Control
  • Squirrel Removal
  • Bat Control
  • Bat Removal
  • Skunk Control
  • Skunk Removal
  • Animal Trapping
  • Wildlife Relocation

What Makes Us Different?

It’s not just the animals that are a health hazard, but their droppings, nest and odors are also responsible for deteriorating the hygiene of a property. Smells or noises in the attic can indicate that bats, pigeons, or other wildlife have established residency in your home. To deal with the problem, we will conduct a wildlife inspection where we look at the potential areas pests or wildlife may claim as their new home.

If you think your property is infested with unwelcome critters, it’s time to bring in the professionals. Our team has years of experience in effective wildlife removal which makes us a great solution to your wildlife control needs.

Areas We Serve: Binbrook, Burlington, Caledonia, Cayuga, Welland, Grimsby, Hamilton, Niagara Falls, Oakville, Dundas, Dunnville, Flamborough, St. Catharines, Waterdown.

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