Fleas Extermination & Control Services in Ontario

Fleas Extermination & Control ServicesIf you have pets in your home, make sure you check them for flea infestation. Fleas are tiny pests that feed on the blood of your pet and cause allergies. Moreover, they are also the carriers of a variety of diseases such as plague. If you think, your home is infested by fleas, make us a call immediately. At Thrifty Pest, our professionals offer high quality flea extermination and control services in Ontario.

Our professionals have years of experience in flea removal service and are well-aware of them. We use the right products and treatment to offer you reliable and lasting solutions.

How to Identify Them?

  • They are dark brown pests with a thin texture
  • They could be 1/16 to 1/8 inches in size.
  • They have flat, hard body.
  • They can take long jumps with the help of their large legs.

Our Flea Extermination Process

It is the most vital part. We will clean your pets with effective insecticides. All our products are non-toxic and are absolutely safe for your pets.

After cleaning the pet, we will clean your property thoroughly. We make sure each and every corner of your place including the places your pet sleeps, walks and spends most of the time is cleaned properly. We will advise you to wash pet beddings in hot water.

Our fleas control and removal experts in Ontario use effective insecticides and spray it to baseboards, carpets, cracks and on the other potential areas. We are committed to delivering you lasting results with our proven techniques.

At Thrifty Pest, we offer quick, affordable and professional fleas control services to keep your home or office safe. We will exterminate in less time and permanently.

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