How To Handle The Venomous Black Widow Spider

14 Dec

How To Handle The Venomous Black Widow Spider

How To Handle The Venomous Black Widow SpiderYou may never know that black widow species of spider is best known for female’s unique presence who eat their mates. This species of spiders are taken as the venomous one. The female spider has the body length of 10-15mm and 3-6 mm of the male spider. It is shiny black with red hourglass-shaped marking under their abdomen. Sometimes the marking could be of orange-yellow colour. It seems calm, but instantly becomes aggressive when you try to disturb them.

  • Black Widow Spider Bite
    The black widow spider bite can be dangerous. Virtually, it is 15 times stronger than a rattlesnake’s bite. The female black widow bite is considered a threat to human health. However, it does not deliver a serious damage. Rarely, the bites of spider can result in death.
  • Locations & Webs
    This spider species mostly found at the accurate temperature places. They love to live in the dry and dark shelter like basements, outdoor toilets, garages, trash bin, or it could be your rare visit room. They create the web to trap the insects and eat them.
  • Tips To Handle The Spiders

    • If you use the spray or any pesticides, make sure to be careful as it could damage the area you spray or yourself.
    • The spider comes into your home in the search of food. So, if you have leftover food in your home then remove it as soon as possible.
    • The spiders survive on the insects. Their another reason to visit your home could be the presence of other insects. You should keep away the insects so that your home can stay pest-free.
    • Do the vacuum cleaning of each corner of your home to keep it clean and remove the spiders. Pay attention to the cleaning of dark areas especially in basement.

Mostly, it is suggested to hire the experts for spider control or extermination. Because, the venomous spider species can deliver damage and can be difficult to handle alone. While, the spider removal professionals at Thrifty Pest are handy to use the advanced, eco-friendly and safe techniques to remove almost all spider species from your home or office. We ensure to provide long-lasting pest control services.

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