5 Tips To Make Your Backyard Pest-Free

21 Sep

5 Tips To Make Your Backyard Pest-Free

5 Tips To Make Your Backyard Pest-FreeWinter is approaching and the time has come when we all enjoy the sunny days. People love to gather in the outdoor areas and spending time, sharing their eatables and beverages. But, it can happen only if you have secured your outdoor area from the pest infestation.
The pests like ants and rodents live in the garden area by developing some small holes. On the other side, the flower and greenery attract the insects. If you have inspected your garden area and it is pest invaded then follow the below tips:

  • Maintain Cleanliness
    First of all, you should clean your backyard or open area removing the garbage, dry leaves fell from the tree, over grown tree branches, etc.
  • Drain The Gathered Water
    If you find gathered water in your backyard, clean it as it will not only cause the pest but also deliver unbearable smell.
  • Use An Insect Repellent
    Meeting in an open yard will be an invitation to insects which you can prevent by using insect repellent on your uncovered body parts.
  • Pesticide The Yard Before Use
    Spray the pesticide in every corner of the yard for pest removal. Thus, if there is any pest hidden in the plants will be killed completely.
  • Cover The Food
    Food items especially sweet dishes and cold drinks are like an invitation to almost all pests. You can use some items to bait the pests like rodents, but keep your rest eatables covered in the airtight container.

Whenever you are conducting picnic in an open area, make sure to maintain the cleanliness. Because, leftover or beverages fallen on the table by mistake will be a call to the pests.

If you are unable to make your backyard pest free then get the help of professionals at Thrifty Pest. Our team members are experienced and professional to make your living pest free for as long as possible.

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