4 Interesting Facts About Spiders You Should Know

30 Mar

4 Interesting Facts About Spiders You Should Know

4-Interesting-Facts-About-SpidersSpiders are found everywhere, right from the homes to yards and open areas. They are crawling pests that are good at climbing the ceilings and walls. They love to stay in the dark and cool interiors which are less frequently visited by a family. Spiders are weird pests which are often a nightmare for all, especially those suffering from arachnophobia. If your property has been infested with spiders, here are few things you must know about these ugly creatures:

  • Not all spider bites are deadly Though some of the spider species can bite humans, not all their bites are considered deadly as only a few of them are venomous. Nasty spider bites can risk complications to your health while the non-venomous ones don’t cause any side effect.
  • Female spiders have a good appetite There are a few spider species that can even eat up the male spider before, after or during the copulation. Those species are often the black widows or widow spiders. This behavior of eating up their mate is called sexual cannibalism.
  • Spider silk is strong You might be wondering how can a thin layer of white silk thread be strong? Actually, the spider silk is almost five times stronger than a commonly found strand of steel which is of the same thickness. Not actually proved, but it is believed that a spider web made of silk threads with the thickness of a pencil can even stop an airplane from moving.
  • Spiders have blue blood Unlike humans and other creatures who have red blood, spider’s blood is actually blue. The reason being that their blood cells have the molecule which is bound to contain copper along with oxygen which in turn gives a blue colour to their blood.

So, these were some of the interesting facts about spiders that every homeowner must know. If you are looking for a licensed spider control company in Ontario, feel free to contact our spider exterminators at the Thrifty Pest.

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