3 Easy Ways To Prevent & Get Rid Of Unwanted Pests

30 Nov

3 Easy Ways To Prevent & Get Rid Of Unwanted Pests

5 Tips To Make Your Backyard Pest-FreeAre you tired of pesky roaches and ants moving around your property? Are rats and mice creating a destruction in your home? If yes, its time to kick them away from your property. No matter, how much clean and tidy you live still, these tiny critters will find a way inside. If you are really concerned about the health and hygiene of your family, it is advised never to ignore a pest infestation. There are several humane methods that can be followed to avoid their entrance. Some of these include:

  • Clean utensils on time
    Roaches are very much attracted towards clutter and leftovers. They can be generally seen in a kitchen pipe, drain or sink. These pests are carriers of serious infections and can cause diseases like Salmonella and food poisoning. To stay on a safe side, it is advised to clean up the dirty dishes and utensils after every meal.
  • Store food in airtight containers
    No matter, its sweet or salty, pests are attracted towards all stored food items. To prevent contamination and food fragrance from reaching a rodent’s nose, its advised to store the food items in an airtight container. Consider placing the containers in a refrigerator or at a place away from their reach.
  • Regularly mop and vacuum
    Common household pests prefer living in a cluttered and untidy home. Ants, rats, mice, roaches and bugs can generally be seen moving around the dirty areas like floors, sinks, kitchen and drains. To avoid any sort of pest outbreak, make sure your home is always clean which can only be achieved by mopping and vacuuming the interiors.

So, these are some of the easy yet effective ways to get rid of unwanted pests from residential and commercial properties. If you are looking for a full-service pest extermination company in Ontario, seek the humane control services of our licensed insect controllers.

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